Animal Crossing: The imperfect moments that once appeared

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons once celebrated its first anniversary in March, which means that so far, all players in the hemisphere have the opportunity to obtain and capture all the bugs, fish, and offshore creatures available in the game.

    Many players will complete the Bug Gallery and Fish Gallery of the museum because they have completed the collection and donation of specimens. The ACBellsBuy store has also appeared in the museum to help players freely buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells. Animal Crossing: A large part of the gameplay of New Horizons depends on the player's process of exploring the island at his own pace and capturing its natural wonders.

    None of the new vulnerabilities in February were particularly expensive. But to find the most money to eliminate the bugs in March, players may have to wait until Flick appears on the island. He always pays a 30% more error fee.

    These small animals are usually preserved, a bit like pets or decorations, converted into statues, donated to museums, or sold for additional bells. Players Buy ACNH Bells can get more bugs in exchange for money in the game. As the months and seasons change, the disposable creatures on and around the player's island may also increase.

    With the beginning of spring inside the northern hemisphere on the animal crossroads and autumn inside the southern hemisphere, players should anticipate finding new bugs around their islands.  This is the official butterfly season again, and both hemispheres should expect to see various species flying around the island. Players can also bring three bugs of any type to get a special statue he made, which can be used as decorations inside and outside the house or village.